1. bluumenkranzz:


    three sided bag

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  2. aconnormanning:

    "She’s not just someone’s wife, daughter, or mother. She’s someone."

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  3. sasstrid-and-dorkcup:

    this entire episode is a treasure.

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  4. conshence:

    imagine if every note you got on a post was $1

    I’d have like 17 dollars

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  6. hotpocket15:

    If only she knew what this meant

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  7. team-stydia:


    If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying


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  8. rebelliousvisions:




    this person obviously took this picture trying to make fun of him but hes straight finessin, transcending, hes on a different plane of existence. We are plebs

    He took the time to match his shirt down to his socks down to his backpack. He’s draped in Nike and you just know he has a different color scheme for each day of the week. This level of dedication should be admired.

    His pencil case match his shorts too

    GLO UP

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  9. furricanez:

    Skarner has a balloon.

    inkdweeman galaxies—collide

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